Clear Lens Exchange

Clear Lens Exchange*

The Clear Lens Exchange* is the best procedure you have never heard of.   You might wonder why if it is so good is it such a guarded secret.   The answer is simple.  The FDA prohibits advertising of non FDA approved techniques and technology.  The truth is that the lenses that we use for Clear Lens Exchange* or CLEx procedure, is the same lenses we use for Advanced Technology Cataract Surgery.  In fact the procedure is identical except in the Clear Lens Exchange Procedure, the lens is clear and in Advanced Technology Cataract Surgery the lens is cloudy.   So the CLEx procedure is done before there is a significant clouding of the lens but after the lens no longer is able to function to focus as it does quite well in youth.


Your best option is filling out the form below, calling the office and speaking with Dr. Malitz or one of his highly trained staff to learn how we can reduce or eliminate your need for glasses!



*Clear Lens Exchange is an off-lab