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Expert Evansville Botox Treatment*

If you are looking for an experienced board-certified doctor that follows manufacturer guidelines and does not use Botox(R) from patient to patient.  We even open your bottle in front of you.    We obtain our Botox (R) Directly from the manufacturer (Allergan).  We offer safe, sterile preparation and place the injections strategically to address your concerns and wrinkles.   Our treatments last longer since we have no incentive to over dilute the medication since we open and use the bottle for you.

Some wonder, why an Ophthalmologist?   Dr. Malitz has been treating with Botox(R) longer than any physician in the area with nearly 30 years of experience.   Botox (R) was invented by an Ophthalmic company and introduced initially to the Ophthalmic market for Blepharospasm.

We offer both medical and cosmetic treatments.  We treat for spasms (hemi-facial, eyelid) and migraines as well as wrinkles, crows-feet, glabellar lines, forehead lines and lip lines.  Cosmetic uses are for forhead, glabella, crows-feet, bunny lines, masseter, chin, lip lines, neck, sweaty palms or arm pits (we don’t do this area).

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welcome to today’s video and I am back

with my dear friend

board-certified surgeon and

all-around nice guy and dear friend of

mine who as you have seen takes care of

my botox on my forehead and my eyes and

what we want to talk about today are the

different areas that can receive Botox

many of which are very surprising to

women I think most women think it’s

strictly for the forehead and the eyes

but we have discovered other uses for it

that have really helped me in different

ways and today I want to talk about the

neck area and what it can do there

absolutely it’s everybody as we age

starts to develop a dropping of these

muscles in the middle of the neck and we

have found that putting Botox in two

little spots or three little spots just

around the curvature flatten that muscle

and makes those hanging edges disappear

and giving you a more youthful neck

those are the neck bands and women women

always say I get so many funny messages

what do I do about my chicken neck look

and so I guess that’s a part of it these

bands that protrude and when you turn to

the side you see it a little bit more

yes and you can you can see among you

very well but it’s not as it’s a bad

problem it’s just that you’re in such

great shape and you don’t have a lot of

neck fat or anything as great so it

allows those to be seen people with with

more fat in their neck they hide a

little bit better that again youth

you’re in great shape and so you do see

a little bit more of the edges of the

muscle and that’s why Botox there is so

effective it just works well it does

it’s amazing now it takes care of those

bands but it doesn’t take care of these

bigger guys down here knowing and this

is the sternocleidomastoid muscle on

each edge and it’s a very broad neck

muscle and actually I think the look of

creating the hollow and the neck is a

very aesthetic look so I think people

say well what we sometimes see as a

deficiency they see is awesome there you

go with the perspective

but the little bands can go and so we

will demonstrate and are there any risks

or side effects of something like that

well it not if the injections are done

correctly which is superficially into

the edge and not staking a needle into a

deeper part of the neck that might

paralyze a nerve right well that’s why

you go to someone that knows what

they’re doing and that’s important

usually a board-certified plastic

surgeon facial plastic surgeon or

dermatologist and that’s why I’m here

okay let’s get started okay my neck is

ready for you I’m ready to do the neck

all right so tell me how do you wear

these are the bands that we talked about

earlier and that is actually the edge of

a platysma muscle is what it’s called so

we’re going to put three little

injections just on the curvature of that

muscle and that will allow it to flatten

out against the neck and eliminate the

prominence of that muscle edge this

won’t hurt we’re going to go right in

and do it we kind of grab that with the


just do it right in there on the side

this shouldn’t really hurt not at all

and again you’re being very good with no

bleeding whatsoever

I must not have had aspirin or Advil for

a while and it absolutely does if you

take a lot of advil then you do tend to

bleed more can do that again with your

neck like you just did that except neck

makes that come out and you can see that

really well so that’s going to flatten

out and look very natural rate hey

connect know that wasn’t them no not at

all very well thank you very much well

thank you fred much pleasure okay this

one i came to you for and this was

interesting because shared with you that

i was always a tooth grinder and from

childhood i wear one of those byte

plates at night because i literally

fight all my battles at night

but i wake up in the morning and I’m

very sore in my jaw muscle and on top of

that it’s created a very developed

muscle in the jaw line and so herein

lies another potential treatment for

Botox absolutely and we’ve had very good

success with you yes the masseter is a

fairly big muscle because it’s

responsible for the way that we choose

food and divorce that we apply so with

here for instance having a bigger

masseter gave you a more square jaw in

the back but it was bulging square as

opposed to being nicely flared right and

smaller and so we’ve accomplished that

by injecting your masseter muscle in two

or three places to allow that muscle to

be more relaxed and hopefully it’s

helped the way you don’t grind it well

it’s helped tremendously in that I don’t

feel pain in my jaw when I wake up in

the morning so that has been fabulous

again and of itself but but what it’s

done is and it really shows when I smile

because your forehead is a certain width

and then when you smile and you have

such a strong masseter it makes your

body makes your lower jaw wider than

your the width of your forehead and it

was you know and I noticed that sort of

evolving as I got older and older and I

not listen right I mean I’m eating well

and I’m lean I don’t have fat cheeks

what’s going on

well you made the right call yeah and

that’s exactly right and we we can make

a difference in the way that that

masseter relaxes and just looks softer

yeah it’s good it’s great and any side

effects or cautionary words before doing

something like that again it has to be

just barely into the muscles and go deep

we don’t want to hit any nerves all

right we don’t want to hit any blood

vessels we just want to hit the masseter

muscle itself and let that go so again

make sure you go to a board certified

provider that knows what they’re doing

usually it’s a high level of success

with it yeah it’s been tremendous for me

I’m glad yeah okay let’s get started all

right ready to do the masseter muscle

which is right here and when you bite

down you can really feel it stick out I

do absolutely and that’s where I’ve

always had pain and sensitivity so right

now I’m actually going to ask you to do

that again so I can feel where that is

and then we’re going to pick the Botox

right into that muscle to little

injection mm-hmm spaced apart and it

doesn’t dirty her does it you know the

area that I feel is the most sensitive

is is right here in the forehead to

frown lines and right there anyplace it

is okay turn your head just slightly now

bite down again good hold it right there

relax there it is amazing that’s it and

just turn forward sometimes there are

people who have a lot of wrinkles on

their chin by the way and we can

actually do a few drops of Botox in

there to get the chin to look smoother

really and it really works well just as

an aside that’s interesting so this is

going to help flatten is one more

correct and also it’s going to take that

edge off at nighttime I’m grinding a lot

I won’t feel that pain in my jaw

actually reduces the strength for that

muscle because it parts of it are

paralyzed but not all of it we want you

still be able to do it yeah

that sort of thing right and how long

will this last up to three months okay

so people will come in about every three

months every day that’s right in right

now we’re not over treating it because

we certainly don’t want that muscle

totally paralyzed right and one more

thing that might be good just to talk

about is that all I get a lot of

patients in here that say I want the

Botox full-strength what does that I

think they’re confused because the Botox

comes in a vial

that’s totally empty of any fluid so

each doctor can decide how much they’re

going to dilute that Botox I say and so

I have a standard dilution that’s pretty

much what everybody does we put in a

certain amount of cc’s like two CCS so

that every cc has maybe units so it

allows us to use fewer injections with

and it’s more potent okay some places

like spas or other places may dilute

their Botox by four or five cc’s so they

have to use more injections so you don’t

really know as a consumer how that

provider is treating that Botox so the

more shots you get that may mean that

they’re using a more dilute and still

having to inject more often to get the

same money in it that I would have to do

because I’ve got a more potent solution

so that’s a question people should ask

obviously Roma it doesn’t really matter

it just matters that’s why some so many

people are more interested what’s the

total number of units that I’ve gotten

and that helps them get a handle on that

I think and you also get fewer injection

sites right the more potent the mixture

the less the number of injections that

you need got it okay well I hope that

helped yes it does that clarifies a lot

all right comments and questions

suggestions below but again I appreciate

you and really breaking it down taking

the fear out of Botox and injectables

and what it is and isn’t and what it can

do and what it cannot do that

but it’s amazing the different uses and

I think that’s what we’re showing our

viewers here that you may have a

situation that could be remedied by

something online and I think that that

most people need to know that Botox is

really an amazing medication because

it’s found uses in obstetrics it’s found

uses in urology it’s found uses in

laryngologist local court problems and

stuff like that and we have to remember

that Botox was first developed in

for people that have uncontrollable eye

blinking really yeah that’s been around

a long time

amazing thank you for that my pleasure

great thanks and I appreciate you having

Oh Thank You Fran good that’s your the

best thank you very much for joining us

today like I said comments questions

suggestions and we’ll see you next time

but I always ask and encourage you to be

bold and be blessed fine